Data analysis

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  • ECTS credits120

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

This programme is avalible for citizens from within the European Union/EEA/EFTA.

Follow these links to find the general entry requirements and guidelines on how to apply:

Admission Requirements

All bachelor's degrees with the following minimum of mathematical previous knowledge will qualify for admission: MAT111 - Calculus I, MAT112 - Calculus II, MAT121 - Linear Algebra, STAT110 - Basic Course in Statistics, STAT111 - Statistical Methods, STAT210 - Theory of Statistical Inference and STAT220 - Stochastic Processes.

(Note: grade point average in these courses must be at least C. We will not recommend applying this master program if the grades in STAT110, STAT111 and STAT210/STAT220 are lower than C.) Recommended prerequisite knowledge is MAT131 - Differential Equations I, MAT160 - Scientific Computing 1, MAT213 - Functions of a Complex Variable, MAT211 - Real Analysis and INF100.

The minimum requirement is grade C or better in the courses that are required. If there are more applicants to a program than there are vacant places, applicants will be ranked according to grades in their application for admission. It is important to document the content and learning outcomes of the central mathematics and statistics subjects.

Application Procedure

This programme is only open for applicants residing in Norway and for Nordic citizens. More information about admission and application procedures can be found at:


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