Study plan for MAMN-STAT Statistics, Master's, 2 years, fall 2019

Name of qualification

The master´s programme leads to the degree Master of Science in Statistics. It is a two year programme

(120 ECTS credits).


Autumn and spring. This program is only open for applicants residing in Norway and for Nordic citizens.

Application deadline: 15 April (start August) and 1 November (start January)

Objectives and content

Within the Master's programme in Statistics you can choose among the following specializations:

  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Theory and Insurance Mathematics
  • Mathematical Statistics

Please see under each specialization for more details.

Admission Requirements

A first degree (bachelor´s degree) of three or four years´ duration from an approved institution of higher education. It is important to document the content and learning outcomes of the central mathematics and statistics subjects.

Please see each specialization for more details.

For more information about the application procedure please see:

Compulsory units

A master´s programme in statistics consists of an individual research project (master´s thesis) of 60 ECTS credits, and courses or special topics of 60 ECTS credits. Some of the courses are compulsory within the specialisations. You will choose the other courses in agreement with the academic supervisor.

Master thesis credits

The master´s thesis will be a research based work. This requires that you as a student have obtained sufficient knowledge of the relevant field. In agreement with your academic supervisor, you will choose a master´s thesis (60 ECTS credits) and make a progression plan containing important milestones for your project. At this programme it is possible to have a 30 study point thesis, extending the course part of the programme to 90 study points.

Teaching methods

In the work with your master´s thesis you will, in an independent way, make use of methods and scientific working techniques from the subject field in the research of a relevant material. The master´s programme in statistics aims to provide you with knowledge and understanding of statistical methodics and statistical methods. The subject of the thesis decides which methods that would be used.


The master program in Statistics educates candidates that are strongly demanded within industry, research, higher education and administration work related to these fields. Knowledge about statistics has become important in many parts of society.