Course of study

Structure of Geographies of Sustainable Development, Master's, 2 years

Master's Programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development (requirement 120 SP)
Courses (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
GEO306Methods in Human Geography101–42
GEO308Theory of Science and Research Design for Geographers101–41
GEO310Writing Course and Project Description101–41
GEO330Theories of Sustainable Land Use101–41
GEO337Discourse, Politics, and Place: Critical Perspectives on Environmental Governance 101–42
Choose one of the courses
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
GEO316Practical Skills in Remote Sensing and Spatial analysis101–42
GEO317Special Topics in Geography102–42
GEO324Geographies of the Green Transformation101–42
Thesis (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
GEO350Master's Thesis in Geography603–43
Project proposal
Project proposal, master
Guidance Agreement
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester