Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for setting the overall goals, strategies and priorities for the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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The Faculty Board has 10 members which are elected for a term of four years. The exceptions are the temporary academic staff and student representatives who are chosen for one year at a time. The Faculty Board is lead by the Dean and the Faculty Director is the Board's secretary.

The Faculty Board 2017-2021

 Board MembersDeputy Board Members
Chair of the Board/DeanProfessor Jan Erik Askildsen 
Deputy Chair/Vice DeanProfessor Ragnhild Muriaas 
Permanent Academic StaffProfessor  Marit SkivenesProfessor Kristin Strømsnes
Professor Ole Johnny OlsenProfessor Pål Davidsen
Professor Kristine JørgensenAssociate Professor Frode Guribye
 Professor Ann Nilsen
 Professor Tone Bringa
External membersManaging Director Svenn-Åge Dahl, SNFProfessor Toril Aalberg, NTNU
Temporary Academic Staff (2019-2020)PhD Candidate Nina SerdarevicPhD Candidate Halvard Jansen
Technical/Administrative StaffChief Engineer Terje ThueSenior Executive Officer Jannicke Lervik
 Senior Executive Officer Siv Midthassel
Students (2019-2020)Johan Wold

Johnny Bjånesøy

Oda Elisabeth GabrielsenHanna Handeland