Faculty of Social Sciences
Study Quality Award 2021

Study Quality Award to Student Active Course

The UiB Collaboratory and the course Sustainable Innovation won this year’s Study Quality Award with a course that builds on student engagement and involvement.

CET Collaboratory Studiekvalitetsprisen 2021
The team behind the UiB Collaboratory and the course Sustainable Innovation are happy to receive the Study Quality Award 2021 from the Faculty of Social Science.
Torhild Dahl, UiB

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-Thank you for letting us play with you! This is a quote from student Ronya Solberg, who was there with the rest of the staff from UiB Collaboratory and the course CET201 Sustainable Innovation when they received the award. The Study Quality Award at the Faculty of Social Sciences is an annual event where academics who have been successfully focusing on study quality receive recognition. 

studiekvalitetsprisen 2021

The team behind the Collaboratory were gathered to receive the award digitally from dean Jan Erik Askildsen.

Torhild Dahl, UiB

Insecurity Leads to Valuable Insight 

Jakob Grandin, a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen, is one of the entrepreneurs behind the course. Grandin is also the leader for action line 7 in the Arqus AllianceEngaged European Citizens.

-Thank you for recognizing the work we do together with the students! Something unique happens when we work and experiment in this way. It may lead to some insecurity and be slightly unpredictable, but the students are then able to fill these gaps with valuable content, said Grandin when receiving the award.

Students Shape the Content 

The students learn methods for innovation, sustainable development, creative processes and interdisciplinary collaboration through case-based learning and innovation processes.

-This helps make the learning different and much more active, giving the students a lot of responsibility. We often use shorter 15-20 minutes lectures, followed by panel debates and workshops. We also value the element of democracy. These students belong to the generation who will be affected the most by the climate crisis, so they must be leading also when it comes to finding the solutions.

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Jan Erik Askildsen, congratulated the winners with the following statement:

-I want to thank you for being so creative and innovative in matters that benefit us all, congratulations!