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Applying for research funding

Are you a researcher at Faculty of Social Sciences? On this page we have gathered relevant information about applying for external research funding.

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Siri Gloppen, Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences: External funding makes groundbreaking research possible!
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Do you want to collect large amounts of data, study phenomena over time, or collaborate internationally? Then applying for external funding is something you should consider.

— At the Faculty of Social Sciences, we want to facilitate and assist our researchers as best we can, so that it is possible to apply for external research funding, says the Vice Dean for Research, Siri Gloppen, adding:

— Some types of research are best conducted with basic research funds, but a lot of research that concerns us as social scientists still benefits from getting some extra funding. At some point in their careers, many researchers will want to build a broader team or gather larger datasets. External funding makes it possible to engage in research at the forefront, which is also important for having high-quality research-based teaching.

Application Support

Applying for external funding can be a comprehensive process, but we have a team ready to assist you. You will receive support from competent advisers at the institutes, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and UiB's Research and Innovation Department. Read more about the application process here.

Dragana Kovacevic Bielicki is a research advisor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and keeps track of available funding opportunities. Stay tuned with the emails she sends out to researchers at the faculty.  Contact Dragana and your local research advisers if you are considering applying for external funding. It is important and mandatory to register your intent to apply to secure support from research and financial advisers, by using the forms you can find here below. 

The main sources of external funding for UiB researchers 

    The Research Council of Norway

    The Research Council annually allocates eleven billion NOK for research and innovation. They have fixed application deadlines and several schemes with ongoing application submission.

    • Free Projects (Fripro - groundbreaking research): Young researchers can apply for postdoctoral funding for international mobility (0-7 years after Ph.D.). Early-career researchers (2-6 years after Ph.D.) and experienced researchers (more than 6 years after Ph.D.) can apply for research projects. There are no fixed deadlines, so applications can be submitted continuously.
    • The Research Council also issues thematic calls in many fields relevant to researchers at Faculty of Social Sciences. These are announced irregularly and have fixed deadlines, so it's advisable to keep an eye on the Research Council's website.
    • Some years, the Research Council announces larger initiatives such as Research Infrastructure, Centre for Excellence in Research (SFF), and Centre for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI).

    Monitoring announcements is crucial, as some initiatives are not announced every year.

    EU: Horizon Europe

    This is the EU's main program for funding research and innovation, consisting of three main pillars:

    Horizon Europe Pillar 1: Supports outstanding research in Europe through the European Research Council (ERC). Funding can be sought for freely defined projects through:

    • ERC Starting Grant (2-7 years after Ph.D.)
    • ERC Consolidator Grant (7-12 years after Ph.D.)
    • ERC Advanced Grant (applicants must be active researchers with significant research results obtained in the last 10 years).
    • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Mobility Grant
    • Research Infrastructure

    Several researchers at Faculty of Social Sciences have obtained ERC projects and can provide advice to those interested.

    Horizon Europe Pillar 2: Thematic Calls

    Focuses on research contributing to solving major challenges for Europe and the world (health, climate change, green and clean energy, security, digital solutions, etc.). These are thematic calls that require the formation of large, international research groups. UiB has experts in this area who can assist in the process.

    Horizon Europe Pillar 3: Innovative Europe

    European Innovation Council
    European Innovation Ecosystems
    European Institute of Innovation & Technology

    If you are interested in the calls published under one of the clusters in Pillar 2 or calls withing Pillar 3 (Innovative Europe), our Local Contact Points can be of help. Please take contact with the SV Faculty research adviser in order to initiate the application process and get support from the Faculty and the central Division of Research and Innovation

    The Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS)

    The Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) supports UiB with significant amounts for large research projects and the recruitment of young, outstanding researchers.

    TMS Starting Grant:

    Gives young researchers the opportunity to establish their own research group with funding for four years. 48 researchers at UiB have received TMS grants since 2007, including several from Faculty of Social Sciences. Those wishing to apply must first be nominated by their institute.

    There are also other opportunities to apply for external funding.

    SV Grant writing toolkit, useful documents and guidelines

    We have collected useful documents, guidelines and advise on external funding application in an internal Teams SV Grant writing toolkit | General | Microsoft Teams  that any of employees at the Faculty can join by request.