Faculty of Social Sciences

Admission of master's degree applicants residing in Norway

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a number of master's degree programmes both in English and Norwegian. International applicants residing in Norway must apply for admission to master's degree programmes electronically at the faculty.

What may I apply for?

Programmes starting in the autumn semester

Master's programmes in Norwegian:

Master's programmes in English


Admission Requirements

Undergraduate/bachelor's degree

Applicants must normally have obtained an undergraduate/bachelor's degree of 4 years' duration, or have an equivalent educational background.

Relevant academic background

The degree must include courses equalling at least 1 - 1 1/2 years of full-time studies in a subject relevant to that of the programme applied for.

Average grade of C

To qualify for admission, the applicant must have an average grade of C or higher in the major of their Bachelor degree. Information on the Norwegian grading scale.

Language Requirements

Norwegian language:

If the Master's programme is in Norwegian, you must document one of the following tests of Norwegian language skills:

  • Norwegian (393 hours, third-year level) from Norwegian upper secondary school: Norwegian (exam) or Norwegian as a second language (exam).

  • Test in Norwegian – advanced level, written test, (Test i norsk – høyere nivå, skriftlig) with a minimum score of “pass” (bestått) or 450 points if you took the test before 2009

  • Norwegian for International Students, Level 3: examination for international students at Norwegian universities (Trinn 3)

  • A minimum of 60 Norwegian university credits/ECTS in Norwegian language and social science for international students.

  • Norwegian Language test for adult immigrants with the result B2 in all the 4 diciplines.

You meet the Norwegian language requirement if you have attended 9 or 10 years of primary and lower secondary school where the language of instruction was Norwegian, and hold a Norwegian Leaving Certificate for lower secondary education.

English language:

To be admittet to the Master's programmes given in English, non-native English speakers must document their English language proficiency. You will find more information about these requirements here.

Additional requirements

If your educational background is from an institution other than the University of Bergen, you have to present your diploma in original for verification as soon as possible after the semester starts.

Some master programmes may have additional admission requirements. Please refer to the website of each programme for more information.

How do I apply

You need a valid residence permit in Norway and a permanent Norwegian ID number.

Application deadline

  • 15 April: English master's programmes and all Norwegian master's programmes starting in the autumn semester.

How do you apply?

You apply electronically at Søknadsweb using your Norwegian ID number. The website Søknadsweb opens one month before application deadline.


When you have applied to a master’s programme, you will need to upload all your documentation electronically. Please note that we only ask for documentation of your academic background. All documents must be scanned and uploaded in PDF-format. Give each file a name consisting of your name and the content of the file, e.g. John_Doe_bachelordiploma.pdf.

If your bachelor diploma is issued from a Norwegian university or college and you have already completed your degree, please include a copy of the entire diploma.

If you have a degree from outside Norway, please include the following:

  1. Certified copy of Bachelor Diploma
  2. Certified translation of the diploma unless it is issued in English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish
  3. NOKUT recognition, if you have this
  4. Official course description and curriculum for all relevant courses
  5. An official description of the grading and weighting system used in your diploma
  6. Information on which courses you are taking this semester if they are part of your degree

If you are completing your degree this semester, the final results must be submitted at SøknadsWeb as soon as possible, no later than 1 July for admission to the autumn semester.

If you are admitting an appeal on your exam results the same semester you apply for master, you must inform us of this at opptak@svfa.uib.no.

Please note that we cannot evaluate your education/qualification unless all the requested documents are included.

Admission process

Once the faculty has received your application, the evaluation process will start. The result of the evaluation and the possible offer of admission will be made in July. The result will be communicated to you through Søknadsweb. Your will also receive an e-mail, sent to the address you have registered on Søknadsweb, outlining the decision.