Faculty of Social Sciences

Development research

Research related to development is a wide-ranging and complex research field. The Faculty has a long history within this field, and research at the different Departments comprises subjects such as globalisation, poverty, development of democracies, environmental change and resource management.


Research activities by the academic groups at the Faculty follow two principal axes. One axis revolves around global comparative studies of culture, society and political processes with a regional focus. The second axis revolves around studies of global challenges and local adaptations, with a particular focus on the relationship between resources, poverty, health and power. One of the targets in this field is to develop a high level of knowledge of the major regions involved.

Research related to development centres around social anthropology and comparative politics, but also involves a number of relevant projects within geography, sociology, administration and organisational sciences. One of the high priority research fields within the Department of Economics is development economics.

The Faculty also works closely together with the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) on development research. The Faculty Departments also have an extensive cooperation network with departments in the south, particularly in terms of development research.

The University of Bergen is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network, and researchers at the Faculty play an active role in the process to establish an international network for research within the WUN network.


Relevant research groups: