Faculty of Social Sciences

Democracy and constitutional government

Democracy and constitutional government represent a fundamental subject for social sciences. Social change and the acceleration of legislation raise important issues regarding the conditions for participation in political debate, the distribution of power and decision-making processes.


The Faculty has a long history of research into this field. At the same time, this subject requires constant innovation and is constantly tested by new global challenges. These comprise for example climate change and resource management, multi-culturalism, flow of migration, threats to the freedom of speech and breaches of political and social rights. 

In addition to the expansive expertise within the Faculty's Departments related to this research field, a close cooperation has also been established between the Department researchers and the Uni Rokkan Centre. Several major studies of reforms in the public sector have been carried out jointly by the Uni Rokkan Centre and the Faculty.

The University of Bergen's inter-faculty target area, Democracy and constitutional government addresses legal and constitutional problems, making an important contribution to the political, social and cultural problems which dominate research into social sciences.


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