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Using support material on an exam

You are allowed to use approved dictionaries on your school examination. If other support material is permitted, this is stated in the course description.

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What kind of dictionary can you use?

You may use pre-approved dictionaries on a written exam. 

The following rules apply for use of dictionary:

  • The dictionary cannot be lexical/encyclopedic, meaning it cannot contain definitions of words and/or phrases.
  • The dictionary must be controllable, meaning one language must be English or a Scandinavian language.
  • Electronic dictionaries are not allowed for school exams at the University of Bergen.

The dictionary must be approved

All dictionaries must be handed in, controlled and approved in the Student Information Centre at the Faculty of Social Sciences no later than one week before the day of the exam. If approved, the dictionary will be handed out along with the examination paper on the day of the exam.


Calculators are allowed in certain subjects but must meet the requirements regarding model and specification in the course description. You should not deliver the calculator to the Information Centre, but the department may conduct an inspection during the exam. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have an approved calculator.

Other support material

If other support material is allowed it will be stated in the course description online. Please follow the instructions form the department for approval of the material, or ask the Student Information Centre at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Illegal use of support material

You are not allowed to bring cellphones, smart watches or other electronically equipment that are not permitted support material on the exam.

Note that cellphone/smart watch by the desk, even if it is turned off, is considered illegal use of support material.

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