Faculty of Social Sciences

Individual Education Plan

The Individual Education Plan defines your rights and duties as a student. It thereby also ensures that you can complete your studies in the allotted time, either as a full time or as a part time student.

The Individual Education Plan should:

  • Contribute to a close and mutually binding relationship between you as a student and the university of Bergen
  • Show how the University of Bergen ensures that your as a student can complete a defined learning goal within a limited amount of time

The Individual Education Plan consists of two parts: a general part and a subject-specific part. The general part is common for all students at the University of Bergen and highlights general terms, rights and duties between you as a student and the University of Bergen.

Changing and Updating the Individual Education Plan

The programme-specific part of the Education plan is the plan to your studies. All changes in your plans must be registered in the Education Plan in cooperation with a student counsellor.

The Individual Education Plan is available online, and you will find your Education Plan in Studentweb when you register each semester. 

You will be asked to confirm the proposed plan or make choices of what courses to enroll in for the following semester. A leave of absence or an exchange semester must also be registered in the Individual Education Plan.

The Validity of the Individual Education Plan

The Individual Education Plan must be confirmed every semester within the registration deadline 1. September/1. February.

The Education Plan is valid as long as you follow it and conform to relevant rules and regulations. If you fail to register as a student without having received an approved leave of abscence, you will lose the right to study and must apply for new admission, cp. § 4.2 Individual Education Plan in Forskrift om opptak, studier, vurdering og grader ved Universitetet i Bergen (only available in Norwegian).

Delays in your studies

If you are delayed in the progression of your studies, we ask you to get in touch with the student counsellor of the study progremme in order to register the necessary changes to the Individual Education Plan. Depending on the study programme, it may be necessary to apply to have these changes approved.

Changing your Study Programme

If you want to change the bachelor programme you are enrolled in, you will in many cases be able to apply for an internal transfer (information in Norwegian) between study programmes. The education you have previously completed will be transferred into your new study programme as far as possible.

Please be advised that you in some cases may need to apply for new admission through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS).