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Piksel DIY workshop

During the S.Net conference 11-14 October you are invited to a workshop held by Piksel to explore plastic pollutants in the marine environment using DIY science.

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Artists and scientists Kat and Gjino invite us to examine the unseen and hard to detect impact of our increasing use of “hidden” plastic - plastic that we can’t see, like micro beads, or that we don’t (yet) have a narrative of as polluting, such as 3D printed materials. At the workshop, we’ll be refining DIY chemical tests for micro-plastics, looking at fish samples from the local fishmongers. Over 4 days of activities, starting with sample collection on a field trip to the fish market, participants will go through a process of exploration of these newly developed DIY techniques, to better understand the presence of plastics in the marine environment around Bergen. The workshop will culminate with a Sushi Roulette afterparty, where through the encounter with real and dummy sushi the participants are challenged to test their reactions to the thought of consuming plastics as food.

Day 1: Tuesday 11 Oct. | Meet-up at 1st floor Mesanine, Student Center
3pm – 5pm: Field trip. Visit and finding fish at the Fish Market and other fish shops.

Day 2: Wednesday 12 Oct. | 1st floor Mesanine, Student Center
1pm to 6 pm: Workshop part 1: Establishing an open source and open hardware lab for DIY biology,chemistry and marine fauna research.
6pm-7pm: Cleaning the lab.

Day 3: Thursday 13th Oct. | 1st floor Mesanine, Student Center
1pm to 5 pm: Workshop part 2.
5pm – 6pm: Debate: Public discussions with local scientist, environmental scientist, fisherman's, artists and interested parties.
6pm-7pm: Cleaning the lab.

Day 4: Friday 14 Oct. | 1st floor Mesanine, Student Center
12:30pm – 2pm: Setting up the exhibition and visual materials with the artists.
2 pm- 3pm: Sushi Roulette Closing Event: Public presentation of the outcome using all the data and tools developed and recorded during the workshop days, and sushi served.