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CCBIO Ethics, Economics and Society Course Presented at RRI Conference

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The CCBIO Research School features a number of signature courses including the CCBIO903, "Cancer Research: Ethical, economical andsocietal aspects". This course has been given since 2015 and provides young cancer researchers with an opportunity to learn about and think through the many complex issues surrounding the developments in cancer research and cancer care.

In April 2018, our work with this course was presented at the 2nd HEIRRI conference in Vienna The University of Bergen (and specifically the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities) is a partner of HEIRRI, "Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation", a 3-year Horizon 2020 project that develops didactic principles and materials for teaching RRI .

In our poster contribution we highlighted the underlying double purpose of CCBIO903: To educate tomorrow's leaders in cancer research and cancer care but in this way also to transform research culture and practice of CCBIO towards RRI.