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Uncomfortable knowledge

Inaugural webinar: Institutionalised Uncomfortable Knowledge: benefit or cost?

The EU project MAGIC organizes this webinar about uncomfortable knowledge to mark the launch of the new Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub.

An illustration of an ostrich with its head in the sand
Uncomfortable Knowledge Hub seeks to continue the dialogue with policy actors and interested citizens established by MAGIC.
Magic Nexus project

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Inaugural webinar: Institutionalised Uncomfortable Knowlege: benefit or cost?

Uncomfortable Knowledge is the metaphoric realisation of Orwell’s Memory Hole whereby destabilising, heterodox or embarrassing knowledge is suppressed by default or by design.

The sustainability crisis is almost universally acknowledged today. We cannot afford to let relevant knowledge to be ignored because it does not fit political agendas, institutional regimes or established academic fields.

How can we change this situation in order to fully use the knowledge resources at our disposal whatever their origins?