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Internal seminar spring 2022

The internal seminar for employees at the SVT takes place every other Monday from 13:15-15:00.

A house facade in dark yellow and white, with a winding staircase on the left. A tree with green leaves to the right of the building
The seminar usually takes place in SVT's meeting room at Ida Bloms hus (Parkveien 9) and/or online.
Thor Brødreskift

Main content

Employees at the SVT and invited guests can use the seminar to present article drafts, project applications and similar.

Interested in contributing? Contact Laura Drivdal.

Program spring 2022

07.02Ragnar Fjelland: "On the reality of colours: Newton, Goethe and Land"
21.02Discussion seminar on research ethics education. Introduction by Rasmus Slaattelid
07.03Kjetil Rommetveit: Presentation of the book Post-truth Imaginations
21.03Cancelled due to illness
04.04Scott Bremer and Simon Meisch: "Whose seasons? The expertise setting a rhythm to gardening and bee-keeping"
16.05Aistė Klimašauskaitė: "Exploring the marine science-society-policy nexus"
19.05Jerry Achar: Characterizing uncertainty in computational in silico methods for risk assessment of chemicals
30.05Anne Bremer and Tanguy Sandré: "Climate and local narratives to make sense of resilience in Ittoqqortoormiit (East Greenland)"
13.06Henrik Berg: 'Science through Being and Time - A round trip'
27.06Magdalena Wicher: Jumping the valley from policy to project - Transformative Innovation Policies (TIPs) in translation from theory to practice