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Internal seminar spring 2023

The internal seminar for employees at the SVT normally takes place every other Friday from 12-14.

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However, in spring 2023, two of the scheduled seminars will take place on Monday 30 January, 13.15-15.00 and Monday 27 March, 13.15-15.00. The remaining seminars will be held on Fridays from 12-14.

Employees at the SVT and invited guests can use the seminar to present article drafts, project applications and similar.

Interested in contributing? Contact Laura Drivdal.

30.01Rune Vabø: "Is AI about to become creative? What to make of recent progresses in language models and image generation systems."
27.03Simon Meisch: Changing Water Cultures
28.04Scott Bremer - TBA
12.05Audun Syltevik: Assessing some normative claims in moral pscyhology
09.06Dafne Lemus - TBA