Centre for Translational Research in Epidemiology (TRACE)


The Centres overall goal is to create a translational and interdisciplinary knowledge platform that integrates big data from registers and experimental studies, and use this knowledge to create new strategies for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases.

Main content

There is a great need for new strategies to reduce the global burden of non-communicable diseases. Through innovative translation methodology, the centre aims to discover important causal relationships and gain new biological insight by using the large amounts of data in registers, health surveys and biobanks and data from biomedical experiments. The research will in particular focus on causal connections that can be used in prevention and treatment.

We coordinate and further develop new methods from various disciplines such as epidemiology, causal inference, bioinformatics, machine learning, biomedicine and clinic. We generate hypotheses about disease causes based on experimental data, and verify these hypotheses in population-based data (reality data / RWD), and vice versa. The centres long - term goal is to develop the knowledge platform to become a national resource for causal research, and to train new generations of researchers in translational thinking.

Director is professor of epidemiology Tone Bjørge.

Strategic leader group (together with director)

The board

International Scientific Advisory Board

These are renowned researchers who will provide advice on strategy and path choices, as well as the development of the centres structures and networks.

User panel

The centres user panel includes representatives from various patient organizations and Brukerpanelet i Alrek helseklynge.