Centre for Interprofessional Work-Place Learning

Visions and Strategies

The Centre for interprofessional work-place learning in primary care (Tveps) have a vision to increase students knowledge in interprofessional collaboration, with benefits for both the students, teachers and healt care professional within primary care.

Our main goal is to be able to offer interprofessional learning to all health care students within the collaborating institutions in the centre. This involves all health care students from Bergen University College and the University of Bergen.

We have further canalized our strategies through four work-packages:


Work Package 1 – Research and professional development

Research on teaching and learning in Higher Education with special focus on a) How do patients benefit by the students’ work? b) How may quality in practice be further developed? c) Students’ professionalism: How do students from different health professions learn and develop professionalism in interdisciplinary teams? Further, we intend in collaboration with scholars at UEA to participate in their work on an instrument for measuring effects of team development. We also plan in collaboration with the applicants behind the COST application to elucidate the interface
between simulated and workplace learning for interprofessional teams.


Work Package 2 – Quality assurance and development

Work package two will focus on how we may optimise optimise course evaluation by applying own and others research results for quality assurance of existing and new learning interventions. Our aim is to involve all professional students of the collaborating institutions in some form of interprofessional training. We will also investigate the feasibility of extending the duration of the interprofessional learning interventions. We will as a part of the Unit for learning at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry aim at developing TVEPS to be a motor for pedagogical development. In this we will seek cooperation with the Department of Education at the University of Bergen and the Centre for Educational Research at Bergen University College


Work package 3 – International collaboration

We have already started to build an international network with the aim of establishing cooperation towards research and educational development. This will be developed further as a part of Work Package 3. Other international collaborators will be strategically approached for mutual development. We also aim to develop bilateral exchange systems for teams of students.


Work Package 4 – Dissemination

We see the possibility of including students from other professions; e.g. social worker students or law students. We know from experience that the training methods we use are readily adaptable, and we look forward to collaborate nationally with other educational institutions. Inviting colleagues from other parts of the country to participate in internal training seminars for teachers and nursing home staff is one option. We will continue to present our work at national and international meetings and congresses, and also host yearly seminars/congresses on interprofessional training with the intention to spread our knowledge and experience and inspireothers to start up with their own interprofessional training programs.