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Language Day

Learn about a language in 30 minutes

Do you want to write your name in Arabic? Or say hello in Elvish?

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Join the celebration of the Euorpean Language Day 2016

Language binds us together! Language, history and culture are keys to understanding a growing globalised world. They are both borders and possibilities for cooperation and co-existence. Learning language is fun and useful! Join us in celebrating the diversity of languages at the University of Bergen on the European Language Day.

This event is part of Forskningsdagene 2016.

The Library of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Humanities invite to a day of languages Monday 26 September from 11:30 to 17:00.

Lecturers from the Faculty of Humanities will give 14 short introductory courses in 30 minutes each, ranging from Arabic, Spanish and Italian, to Old Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Elvish.

We will end the celebration with a language quiz at the student pub Ad Fontes at the Faculty of Humanities at 17:00.

The event is free and open for all!



Finnish with Konsta Ilari Kaikkonen (Mesaninen)
German (Undervisningsrom 121)

Old English with Kari Haugland (Mesaninen)
Russian with Ingunn Lunde

Ancient Greek with Gjert Vestrheim (Mesaninen)
Arabic with Frank Weigelt (U.rom 121)

Elish (Quenya) with Helge K. Fauskanger  (Mesaninen)
Spanish with Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid (U.rom 121)

Chinese with Shouhui Zhao (Mesaninen)
Latin with Matti Wiik (U.rom 121)

Old Norse with Eike Schnall (Mesaninen)
Italian with Marco Gargulio (U.rom 121)

Old Egyptian with Pål Steiner (Mesaninen)
Japanese with Harry Solvang (U.rom 121)