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Geofacets Seminar and Interactive Workshop

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Geofacets Seminar and Interactive Workshop

Date – Wednesday, 22.03.2017

Time – 13.00 – 16.00

Place – Fjellhallen (room 2113), Realfagsbygget 2nd floor

Organized by the Natural Science Library, University of Bergen in cooperation with Elsevier

About Geofacets:
Geofacets empowers Geoscience researchers and students to efficiently get up to speed on Geoscience topics across multiple disciplines, compare and validate hypotheses with insights from existing scientific publications and find inspiration for research. With over 1.5 million maps, figures and tables on a spatial platform, Geofacets quickly empowers Geoscientists to find the insights they need. Content is actionable and can be integrated into analysis and presentation software, informing researcher to support publishing goals and saving time, while helping students accelerate geoscience knowledge growth.


Presentations in the seminar will cover the following:

  • Finding and evaluating information and data in Geofacets, such as maps, cross-sections, outcrop photos, tables and associated article information
  • Downloading maps from Geofacets and simply dragging and dropping into Google Earth and ArcGIS™ for quick geospatial insights and analysis
  • Downloading figures and associated citation information from Geofacets
  • Downloading table data from Geofacets for analysis and interpretation in Excel
  • Creating your own maps, figures and tables based on insights gained from Geofacets and your own research

Interactive Workshop

A hands-on opportunity to try Geofacets yourself, ask questions and find out how your research projects can benefit from Geofacets whilst sharing knowledge and experiences.

Some example research questions:

  • Get an overview of published information about earthquakes in the North Atlantic for a thesis project.
  • Find good maps and associated information on the main tectonic structures in a specific area in preparation for a field trip.
  • Compile an overview of geological features of large igneous province events for several publishing and conference opportunities.
  • Find out what evidence of climate change based on glacier melting in the Arctic Region exists in scientific literature?

Why not come to the workshop with your own specific research questions?


Sandra Merten, Geofacets Product Manager, Elsevier

Sandra has a M.Sc. in Structural Geology and Tectonics and a Ph.D. in Geology from the VU University in Amsterdam.

Susan Watson, Customer Consultant Engineering and Geosciences, Elsevier


Find out more and get started with Geofacets

Go to https://www.geofacets.com

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