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The science of administration equally covers the field of public administration, governance and policy as well as the leadership, management and organization in general. It is methodologically eclectic in the sense that choice of method depends on the object of inquiry. 

Methods books can be found under the following shelfmarks:

Content, discourse analysis:300.14
Evaluation, research design: 300.72
General and inclusive methods texts:  300.721
Qualitative methods (e.g. action research, case-studies, interviews):300.722
Quantitive and comparative methods (e.g. survey design):  300.723
Experimental and quasi-experimental methods:300.724
Statistical methods (STATA, SPSS): 300.717

Printed Books

The books in the Library Ground Floor are arranged to subject matter according to the Dewey Decimal Schedule. This means that the literature on any one reading list is not found in one place only. Most books will be found either in 302.35 (Organization theory), 320.6 (Public policy), in 351 - 354 (Public administration) or 658 (Business and management).

Elektronic Books

THe Bergen University Library provides several e-book collections:

Norwegian e-books are found at bokhylla.no


No more than 3 % of the total sum of published knowlegde will ever be relvant to any one political scientist. Article searching is thus something of an "extreme sport" using a discovery tool like oria.no

All things considered the best international periodicals article database is the 

The most comprehensive periodicals adatbase is the

  • Web of Science. This database is severly biased against humanities and social sciences as well deficient in its standard of metadata compared to the IBSS.

If everything else fails (or if you are looking for "grey" - unpublished - material) use 

 Google Scholar.


The most comprehensive database available at the Bergen University Library is ProQuest  containg articløe indexes, fulltext databases, newpapers and w-books. 

In addition to disciplne specific collections on politics and sociology etc., it contains specialized databases such as:

ProQuest Health Management (helsepolitikk)

ProQuest Military Collection (tryggingspolitikk)

OxResearch (Daglige landanalyser)

Other databases of interest are:

PressDisplay - Internasjonale aviser

A comprehensive listing of all electronic resources avaialable in


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