University of Bergen Library

Wikipedia - text without end

Daniel Apollon, from Digital Culture, gives an open guest lecture at Humanities library.

Wikipedia is an inspiration in the everyday life, work and learning of millions of people across the world.

Wikipedia is the first dynamic knowledge reference accessible in close to 300 languages some of these you may never heard of, e.g., Wu, Gan, Lak, Newar, Odia, Karakalpa.

Wikipedia is read, cited, plagiarised by millions of people. Every day.

Wikipedia is also curated and edited daily by far more people than there are employees in the largest corporations. For free.

Wikipedia is accused of all sins: inaccuracies, plain errors, fake news and sources, plain propaganda, fictitious or biased biographies, reckless plagiarism, sexism, racism, « edit wars » and much more.

Yet, counter to  earlier predictions, the total text size of Wikipedia is growing steadily.  How then?