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Data about persons in Cristin

UiB automatically transfers data about organizational units and persons to Cristin.

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UiB transfer data about persons in these categories: 

  • Academic employees with a monthly salary 
  • Employees with the titles 'Head of Department' ('Instituttleder'), 'Dean' ('Dekan'), 'Rector' ('Rektor') 

Data about academic employees without a monthly salary (hourly or fee paid employees) and technical/administrative employees is not transferred to Cristin anymore due to new Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  For information about handling and registration of different categories, please see below.  

Academic employees with a monthly pay 

Please contact cristin@uib.no if the person is not registered in, or can access, Cristin.  

Hourly or fee paid academic employees/guest researchers/students 

Hourly or fee paid academic employees cannot have an active account in Cristin and cannot log in to the system. The same apply to guest researchers and students. 

If persons in these categories credit UiB on a publication, they must be registered on the publication in Cristin as an identified person. If the person is not registered as an identified person in Cristin, please contact cristin@uib.no and we will register the person manually. The person needs to have a Norwegian personal number or D-number to be registered, if not we need the person’s passport number.  

Administrative employees/superusers 

Please contact cristin@uib.no and we will manually register administrative employees that need to perform tasks in Cristin.  

Technical/administrative employees with a scientific publication 

Please contact cristin@uib.no and we will manually register employees in non-academic positions that wants to register their academic publications.