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UiB’s new research data archive is ready for use

It is now possible to make your research data available in UiB’s open research data archive.

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UiB has acquired our own part of Dataverse.no, a system that many institutions in the higher education sector are using. This is an alternative for researchers/academic communities that are not already using an established research data archive within their field of research.

Why has UiB acquired this kind of archive?

Several research funders and journals demand that the research data must be openly accessible, both in order to increase reuse of data and for more openness in research. Some research fields have established archives, but many have not. For them, UiB Open Research Data is a place to make data available.

How does it work?

All employees at UiB can log in with Feide and upload datasets. There are some rules for documentation and for the datasets themselves; these are explained in the user manual. The library will curate the datasets and report back if there are changes that need to be made before the datasets can be made available. The datasets will have their own DOI and can be referred to in publications or applications.

What are the advantages of making research data available?

  • Data are available in the future, for yourself and others
  • Because of the documentation, the datasets will be understandable for yourself and others even after long periods of time
  • You fulfil the demands from funders and journals for making data available
  • The data that are collected may be used by others, allowing it to be examined from other perspectives or compared to other data

How do I start?

Log in with Feide, read about how you prepare your data for uploading and upload your dataset. Please contact the library if you have questions.