University of Bergen Library

Academic lunch: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Ethics

With the development of artificial intelligence and automation, many of society's difficult, dangerous or tedious tasks have been taken over by machines and robots.

Academic lunch
Illustration: Håvard Legreid

At the beginning of the 1990s, there were half a robot per thousand workers. In 2015, this figure has almost tripled. Artificial intelligence controls much of our lives, often without us noticing it, both in the workplace as well as at home with you and me. The automation of society is not just about building robots that solve tasks for us, but also about promoting the good of humanity. But how do we know that a robot is good? What kind of values ​​can machines have? Can they make human choices for us? In today's lunch, you can meet Marija Slavkovik, who researches artificial intelligence and seeks to answer such questions. Slavkovik is associate professor in the Department of Information and Media Studies at UiB. The lecture will be in English.


Academic lunch is arranged in collaboration between Bergen's public library, University of Bergen, College of Western Norway and Norwegian School of Economics.