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 A whole array of Referencing tools exist, and which tool to pick can depend on access,  operating system, which ones work best with other tools you need, your preferred work flow, and not least, the choice of people you cooperate with. 

While the University Library offers a site licence for Endnote, support, a guide and frequent courses, we also offer support for and courses in Mendeley. Below, we list some of the properties of Mendeley.

  • Mendeley is free of charge up to 2 GB og storage. 
  • Mendeley has apps for mobile phones and reading devices  (Android and IOS) that allow you to easily add, access or read material whenever you need to. 
  • The downloadable software works with Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Mendeley easily synchronizes your reference library with a central server. 
  • Mendeley allows you to share reference library, pdfs and notes within groups
  • Mendeley allows you to follow other researchers and keep updated on their literature
  • Add references from databases, search engines and webpages with Mendeley Web Importer.
  • Mendeley allows export of your library in .ris format, easily imported into other reference management tools (including EndNote and Zotero).  

Due to the frequency of errors over the last months, we currently hesitate to recommend Mendeley wholeheartedly. However, we continue to offer support to users.

Getting Started with Mendeley