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Coronavirus and the University library

FAQ - Coronavirus and the University library

Click on a question below to see the answer. Do you have a question that is not answered here? Send a message to us via UiBHelp or our chat service, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Is the library back to normal opening hours?

The libraries are currently open for students and employees of UiB and Helse Bergen.
The information desks are open between 10-14.
Help and guidance is also available digitally.

Due to distance requirements, the libraries have limited work spaces available. We encourage our users to show solidarity with students who don’t have a good workspace at home, and use the workspaces only when you do not have a good alternative.

Our lending services are back to normal and the service "Request and pick up at the door" is not necessary for the time being. 

Find more information for your subject library under Opening times and contact information.

See also current information about our services. 

Is the library open for those who are not students or employees of UiB and Helse Bergen?

No. The University library is currently only open for students and employees of UiB and Helse Bergen. 

Which rules for infection control should I follow when using the library?

The three most important rules are:

  1. Keep at least 1 metre distance when moving past other people. If you are sitting or standing near to others for more than 15 minutes, you must increase this distance to 2 metres.
  2. Wash or disinfect your hands often.
  3. Clean and disinfect your workspace when you arrive and when you leave.

This means that you should not be sitting close together when using workspaces.
Do not move chairs, as these are set up to ensure distance is maintained.
Please maintain distance from library staff. We are happy to provide help and guidance digitally.
Users are encouraged to wear a face mask.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) recommends that all download the Smittestopp app.

The library follows UiB’s routines for coronavirus prevention. See also Questions and answers about coronavirus for UiB students.

How do the library’s digital help services work?

There are several options. You can use our chat service, or you can find contact information for your subject library to get in touch with your library or the contact librarian for your subject. You can find an overview of courses available in the University library calendar. We also offer a “Book a librarian” service.

See also our overview of our services and resources.

Am I free to browse for books on the shelves?

Yes, you are welcome to browse. You can also loan and return books using the self-service machines.
There is currently no quarantine period for books after return or use in the library.

Can I use the workspaces in the library? Are they disinfected after use?

Yes, you are welcome to use the workspaces.
See our information about workspaces at the libraries. You must disinfect surfaces in the workspace yourself when you arrive and when you leave. You will find cleaning materials and instructions at multiple places in the libraries.

Are toilets available?

Yes, access to toilets is as usual.

How often are the libraries cleaned?

The libraries are cleaned thoroughly every day.

Do I have to use a face mask in the library?

You are formally required to use a face mask whenever it is not possible to maintain a 1-metre distance to other people. In practice, it can be difficult to always maintain a 1-metre distance when in the library. We therefore encourage visitors to wear a face mask when in the library.

What should I do if I have tested positive for covid-19 after I have been using the library? Do I need to tell someone?

Students who have tested positive should call the coronavirus contact line, using telephone number 55588555. The Division of Student and Academic Affairs is then notified and follows up according to UiBs emergency preparedness plans, the faculty and the occupational health service. (Taken from the HSE-Gateway)

Can I still access the printers?

Yes, printers are available as usual. Useful information can be found on the help pages about the Pullprint service, and IT user-support for students.

The IT-department is responsible for all printers at UiB, including those in the libraries.

What happens if someone is not following infection control rules? Is this monitored?

Yes – all libraries currently have infection control monitors present. Their task is to ensure that the total number of visitors in the library does not exceed safe limits, and to ensure that visitors are following infection control rules. These monitors are present 10-19 Monday-Friday.

Is IT support available?

Please check the page about IT support for students.

Is it still possible to use the elevators?

Yes, this is still possible. Ensure that it is possible to have at least 1-metre between yourself and others using the elevator.