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focused writing sessions in groups

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Welcome to focused writing workshops: Shut up & Write

Having difficulties in finding dedicated time to write? Some of our libraries host weekly Shut Up & Write sessions where you may join colleagues or fellow students for focused writing. 

  • A distraction-free workspace: no phones, no emails, no cat videos, no interruptions. 
  • Structured working blocks with short breaks.
  • A writing fellowship for inspiration and confidence. 

No need for registration. Bring your own work and laptop. But be precise!


Time and place:

PhD/post.doc. STEM See calendarMN Library, group rooms
PhD/post.doc  HumanitiesWednesdays14.10-16.00 (starts August 17)Humanities library, Workshop-room 1
PhD /post. doc LawWednesdaysSee calendarLaw library
MA-students IF and LLEWednesdays10.15-14.00 (starts August 17)Humanities library, Workshop-room 1
MA-students AHKRFridaysSee calendarHumanities library, Workshop-room 1