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Evaluation of 24/7 open library on campus

The library for social science, music and psychology has since the end of april been available 24/7 for all affiliated students at UiB. This arrangement is now up for evaluation.

Gatebilde av Bibliotek for samfunnsvitenskap, musikk og psykologi
H Langseth

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In December 2022, a sample of students at all faculties will receive a survey regarding the 24/7 library hours on campus on campus. The invitation is sent by email registered at the university and participation is voluntary. Responses are registered via Surveyxact and no personally identifiable information is requested. The survey is available in Nynorsk, Bokmål and English.  

The University Library has been commissioned by UiB's management to evaluate the 24/7 open library at the University of Bergen in collaboration with the Student Parliament and the Property department. The consequences and possibilities of this scheme will also be assessed. The evaluation report will be completed in early January 2023 and will be considered by UiB's Learning environment committee.   

Data collection 
The survey tool Surveyxact is used to distribute and analyze the survey among UiB's students. The selected respondents receive an email where the university is the sender. The link to the survey starts with https: //svar.uib.no/answer?key= and then has a unique code for each respondent. Privacy is safeguarded in accordance with GDPR and UiB has a data processing agreement with Surveyxact/Ramboll.  

Contact persons 

Technical questions for the survey: Henry Langseth 

About the evaluation project: Anne Belsvik / Trude Færevaag

See below for contact information