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Where can the truck park? Governing goods transport is harder than you think

Grethe Meling

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Welcome to a presentation that will make you see the city of Bergen in a different light! 

The garbage truck, the postal service, take-away on bicycles, delivery of goods to supermarkets and fresh produce to your favorite restaurant: Transport of goods and services – or urban logistics – make our lives go round. It delivers what we need to the right places at the right times and forms a crucial aspect of how our city functions. It seems quite obvious then, that urban logistics should be an inherent part of urban planning – but that is not quite the case – even in Bergen.  

Where can the truck park to unload goods? How can the transport of goods become more environmentally friendly? Can cargo bikes be an effective solution? In the research project CityFreight, researchers help the municipality of Bergen address challenges associated with the transport of goods and services. To address some of them, they organized a workshop with representatives from the public sector and private businesses in Bergen in October last year.  

In this talk, Subina Shrestha, a PhD at CET, will talk about the project and present selected findings from the workshop. 

CityFreight is a multi-user project led by NHH, and the CityFreight team at Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, UiB, looks at the governance challenges associated with urban logistics in Norwegian cities. In her PhD project, Subina Shrestha looks at the governance challenges of sustainable urban logistics in Norwegian cities.