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Lagrer naturen i Bergen mer karbon enn andre steder i landet?

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Kjersti H. Enerstvedt

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The talk will be held in Norwegian.

Carbon, the foundation of Life, circulates in the biosphere through the carbon cycle, involving the exchange of carbon between the atmosphere, land, and ocean. Different types of ecosystems have varying capacities to store carbon in soils and biomass. Local knowledge of carbon storage is therefore crucial for preventing disturbances to vital natural carbon reservoirs and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Biology students Hanna Sannes, Sofie KlemGina Barry, Vilde Engelsen, Tor Værøy, and others have explored the carbon storage potential in various types of ecosystems in the Bergen area, with a particular focus on soils and biomass. In this presentation, they will share the valuable findings from their fieldwork.

The event will last about 45 minutes. Coffee/tea and biscuits will be provided (please bring your own cup!). Everyone is welcome!