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The University Library is testing Keenious

Keenious is an example of a new type of academic search tool that utilizes technology based on artificial intelligence to find research articles. The University Library wants to test whether this is a useful supplement to traditional search tools. Therefore, students and staff at UiB will have access to Keenious Plus during the spring semester of 2024. The Plus version provides more features than the free version.

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What is Keenious?

Keenious is a search tool that assists you in finding potentially relevant research articles by analyzing text entered into the tool. It can be your own text or PDF/articles that are uploaded. Keenious analyzes your text using artificial intelligence and presents search results based on keywords and concepts in the analyzed text.

How to get started with Keenious?

  • Register a Keenious account on the Keenious website.
  • You must provide your UiB email address during registration to access all functionality.
  • Add the Keenious application to Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  • You can also use Keenious directly in your browser. Log in with your personal account on the Keenious website and either paste the text you want to analyze or upload a PDF.

How to use Keenious with reference management tools?

We have created a description of how to transfer references from Keenious directly into an EndNote library.

What about data security?

A data processing agreement has been established in accordance with UiB's regulations for ICT procurements. It ensures that any personal information is protected against unauthorized access, alteration, deletion, loss, or damage.

You can find more information and answers to common questions on the Keenious website.
If you experience issues with access or have other questions, you can use the University Library's chat service or submit it as a case in UiBHjelp