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Microdata: Instant access to research data

Join us for this Open Science Lunch to hear about instantly available research data on humans and society in Norway

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Open Science Lunch

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About the topic

Data collection is often costly and time consuming, and an increasing number of researchers reuse existing data. However, not all existing data is openly and instantly available and many registries often require a longer application process before data can be accessed. 

Microdata has been developed as one solution to this problem. It is a platform with large amounts of detailed and mergeable data on humans and society that can be accessed without any form of application, if your employer/university has signed a User Agreement. When working with microdata you never see any identifiable information about research subjects and so, no approvals are required.

In this seminar, we will hear from Statistics Norway (SBB)  about how the platform works and how it can be used, as well as from Ryan Tamayo Europa from the University of South-Eastern Norway about a PhD candidate’s perspective on working with microdata. Grab your matpakke and join us for the presentations from our special guests and for an open Q&A session afterwards!

How to join

The event is open to everybody and you can join online on Zoom (Zoom link here).