University of Bergen Library

Publication fund for Open Access at the University of Bergen

Researchers from the University of Bergen can now apply for funding to cover Open Access Article Processing Charges (APC).

On November 29. 2012 the University board voted to establish a budget to cover the costs for publishing Open Access for a trial period of 3 years. In 2013 1,5 million Norwegian kroner was set aside to support Open Access publishing at The University of Bergen (UoB), and for 2014 the amount is 1,8 NOK.

The University of Bergen Library administrates the budget and manages the applications.

Guidelines and application form

The main principles are that the publication must be made available Open Access immediately after publication (without embargo) with permanent access. The author keeps copyright to the publication, but gives users the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search in or link to the full-text without compensation.

The main principles for support are:

  • Only corresponding authors who are affiliated to UoB as employees, PhD-candidates or master students can apply for funding.
  • The publication has to be accepted for publication, and can not yet be published.
  • The publication must be available Open Access with a Creative Commons license, immediately after publication. 
  • The fund supports both publishing in Open Access journals (gold) and paying to make individual articles in traditional journals Open Access (hybrid). 
  • The publication must be approved on level 1 or 2 in the Norwegian register of scientific journals, series and publishers (DBH), or documented as registered. The publication has to be peer reviewed.

Support is given based on the complete guidelines.

Application form

You can apply for funding of Open Access publications by using the following application form: Application form: Open Access publishing  


If you have any questions, contact: bora@uib.no

BioMed Central/SpringerOpen

The University of Bergen is at the time being a Supporter Member of BioMed Central. This means that the University pays an annual fee which gives UiB researchers a 15% discount on the article-processing charge when publishing in a BioMed Central, Chemistry Central or SpringerOpen journal.

University of Bergen is currently set up via IP recognition; this means when you as a researcher navigates to the BioMed Central website you will be informed there is a Membership you can take advantage of. If you submit the article via a registered IP, it will automatically be recognized and allocated under the Membership. If you submit outside of the registered IP range, for example from home, you will be prompted to select your institution from a drop down menu. Providing you have submitted using your affiliated email address, the article will be allocated. If for example you submit outside the IP range and without the relevant email stem, you will not be granted the Membership discount.

If you have any questions concerning this, please contact bora@uib.no