University of Bergen Library

Opening of "The Emergence of Electronic Literature" Exhibition

Electronic literature has emerged as a field of creative practice and academic study over the course of the past several decades. Since the 1990s, the University of Bergen has been one of the central institutional players in the emergence of this field of practice along with peer institutions such as MIT, Brown University, and UCLA.

Main content

This exhibition, including computers and computer programs, vintage works of electronic literature in original packaging, books, posters and ephemera of events, video documentaries, the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base and the ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature, will serve both to familiarize library patrons with the emergence of this field and with the special role that the University of Bergen has played in its development.

The exhibition is a cooperative project between Electronic Literature Research Group at LLE and University of Bergen Library

Tuesday, August 20th, 12 Noon, Arts Library (Bibliotek for humaniora), UiB