University of Bergen Library

Publication fund for Open Access at the University of Bergen

Researchers from the University of Bergen can apply for funding to cover Article Processing Charges (APC) to publish Open Access.

UiB has Open Access publishing deals with Elsevier and Wiley. You do not need to apply for funding for articles that are covered by these deals. Read more about the deals, which journals are covered, and which authors are eligible.

The publication fund covers:

1. Open Access articles

2. Open Access books

  • The publication fund may cover author payments to publish Open Access books.

Applications will be granted based on the complete guidelines.

The main principles for support are:

  • Only corresponding authors that are affiliated to UoB as employees, PhD candidates or master students can apply for funding.
  • The article/book must be submitted for publication.
  • The article/book must be a peer reviewed academic publication and count in the Norwegian funding model (for instance editorials, comments, debates, study protocols and case reports does not count).
  • The publisher must be registered on level 1 or 2 in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.
  • The article/book must be published with a Creative Commons-license.

Application form

You can apply for funding for publishing Open Access by using the following application form.

The application will usually be processed within 2 working days. For approved applications the applicant will receive information about payment in the reply.


If you have any questions see our  FAQ or contact: bora@uib.no

BioMed Central/SpringerOpen

The University of Bergen has a support membership with BioMed Central. The University pays an annual fee which gives all UoB researchers a 15% discount on the Article Processing Charges (APC) when publishing in BioMed Central (BMC), Chemistry Central or SpringerOpen journals.

When applying to the University’s fund for Open Access publishing the author must ensure that the 15 % discount on APC is included and that this is the amount that is entered in the application form. The discount will be withdrawn from the APC.

The corresponding author must be an employee at the University of Bergen. University employees that send in an article through the UoB network will be recognized by the IP address and will automatically receive the discount. If an employee submits an article outside the University network, the contributor must chose UoB (UiB) from a drop down menu and submit their UoB email address to get the discount.

The University of Bergen currently does not have an agreement with other Open Access publishers (i.e. PLoS, Hindawi).