University of Bergen Library

Borrowing Regulations

Rules for borrowing material and using the University Library's services.

At the University of Bergen Library you can borrow books and other types of material. In addition the library provides access to information sources in electronic format for educational and research purposes.

To borrow books and other documents you will need a library card for the University Library. Students and employees at the University of Bergen use their student/employee identification cards as library cards. For all others: a valid ID with the holder's photograph is required in order to obtain a library card. Loss of the library card must be reported immediately to the library. All library users are responsible for keeping their current contact details up to date.  

The University Library uses email and text messages to communicate with users.

The standard loan period is 4 weeks. Loans will be automatically renewed up to the maximum loan period, which in most cases is four months (for students) or six months (for employees), unless the item is requested by others. If the item is requested by another person, the borrower will be notified by email regarding any changes to the loan. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that items on loan can be returned on the due date. Separate rules may apply for books that are part of the curriculum. Certain restrictions apply to some material. In case of longer absence, borrowed material must be returned. Sub-lending is not permitted.

Users must not mark or damage Library material. Users will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, books or other items while in their charge. Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to a member of Library staff.

If overdue material is not returned after two reminders, the user will, at the sending of a third reminder be refused further loans from the University of Bergen Library. To be able to use the library's services again the user must return the borrowed material. If the material is not returned, the user will receive an email informing her/him that the material has been declared as lost. The user is responsable for replacing the lost material by either returning the item to the library, buying a replacement item or paying a NOK 1000.- replacement fee cash or via Vipps. Contact your library in order to settle such issues.

If desired a user may request a receipt for returned items.

Periodicals are for use on the University library’s premises only. Users have the opportunity to make copies from periodicals. All the branches of the University Library offer users access to copying machines that may be utilized using the users student/employee identification cards. Electronic periodicals and other electronic documents can be viewed at all computers connected to the University of Bergen network.

The Picture Collection and other special collections have separate rules.

Users not residing in Bergen should borrow books using their local library. Students registered on distance education programs at the University of Bergen may contact the University Library.

The University Library can acquire relevant educational and research literature from other libraries for students and employees at the UoB. The owning library’s rules apply for these loans.

Violation of the regulations may lead to loss of borrowing and other rights.

Exception to the borrowing regulations may be given in special cases.

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