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Download the E-book as a pdf/print

You will need to create an Ebrary account (or use your facebook account) and log in.


Click "Download".
You can a) download parts of the document, or b) the entire document.


"Standard image-pdf format. One chapter (or page range) at a time". Here you can download a chapter, or a certain number of pages per log in session.


«Special format. The entire document». A lot of the books can be downloaded as whole documents, and can be stored for 14 days on your computer or tablet (not compatible with Kindle). Be advised that books you download will be removed from the book package. To download whole books you will, in addition to an account:


The program Adobe Digital Editions. This may be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/


To Print:

Click "InfoTools" at the top right and choose print.