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Literature and other sources of information that is relevant for Gender & Development.

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Many books are available in electronic format. Some of the librarys books are only electronically available.

Oria is the library`s discovery tool and will identify many of the accessable E-books. However, searching directly in databases containing E-books is recommended. Searching directly in these specialised databases your search terms will be matched against the full text (unless, of course, you define your search field as Title). This will give you richer opportunities to identify relevant literature with your search terms than when searching in Oria.

Books from many publishers. Usually it is possible to download as Pdf (print a certain number of pages of a book. Some titles are possible to download in full for offline reading. This, and other extra functionality requires that you create an account in Ebrary.

Books published by the American Psychological Association. Includere are also older classical works within the field of psychology. The search interface PsycNET will also include APA journals unless you remove the marking for PsycARTICLES on top of the search page. Most of the APA-journals will be indexed in major index databases such as PsycINFO, Web of Science og MedLine.

Books and journal articles from the publisher Springer. A limitation of search results to Chapters will give you book chapters only. Most of the Springer-journals will be indexed in major index databases such as PsycINFO, Web of Science and MedLine.

Frequently asked questions on use of e-books

Sources of information

Journal Articles

For thorough, systematic searches index-databases are recommended.These will most often give you an abstract in addition to the title and other reference information. The index-databases will have a link to full text when the university has a subscription to the journal having published a given article.

If you are not given a link to the ful text, you will be presented with an order form. A print copy of an article can be obtained for you from a cooperating library, and the cost of this is 60 kr. regardless of number of pages.

Large index-databases:

Web of Science
- one of the world`s largest interdiciplinary index-databases
- indexes articles from more than 12000 journals.
- contains in addition to articles also conference proceedings and more.

- the most exstensive database for psychological litterature
- articles from approximately 2500 journals are registered in this database.
- also contains books, book chapters and doctoral thesis and more

Books, Doctoral Thesis

Many will be identified with searches in Oria (search field on top of the page). E-books can with advantage also be searched in various E-book databases. Find more information under the E-book tab!
If you have suggestions for books you would like the library to buy, please send an e-mail to one of the contact persons listed below.

Reports, Governement Documents

Search the organization`s homepages.
For Norwegian governmental documents, see Government.no - Documents.


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