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An investigation has shown that only six percent of selected scientific articles are placed in UiB’s open electronic archive – BORA.
The Norwegian VAT on electronic periodicals is the highest in Europe. The director of the university library, Randi E. Taxt says that the tax ought to be drastically reduced. Liberal Party politician Trine Skei Grande on the other hand disagrees, and says that it should be removed entirely.
Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway) takes over for Frida as the University of Bergen research documentation system from 1 December 2010.
Exhibition at the Science Library November 18 - December 17 2010
The Sudan collection that has recently opened at UiB has been described as a gem. This is the story of the apple of Mahmoud Salih’s eye.
The University Library has now made available online nearly 850 newspapers from Pressdisplay.