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HR Excellence in Research - Charter and Code

Workshop I - Charter and Code

Ethical and professional aspects and Training and development

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Welcome and some practical information about the organisation of the workshop

09:15-09:30Brief overview of C&C principles for the topic "Ethical and professional aspects" and "Trainging and development" 
09:30-10:45«Training and development»: Introductory speaker Professor Roland Jonsson
10:45-12:00«Ethical and professional aspects» - Part 1: Introductory speakers from the Division of Research Administration
13:00-14:15«Ethical and professional aspects» - Part 2: Introductuory speaker Professor Matthias Kaiser
14:15-15:00Summary of Workshop I and the way forward


Present from the Working Group:

HR Director Sonja Dyrkorn
HF Head of Department Jan Heiret
PSYK Head of Department Åsa Hammar
SV Head of Department Ståle Knudsen
MED PhD Candidate Anna Bjerkreim
MAT PhD Mildrid Kyte
MED Professor Valeriya Lyssenko