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Prosjektet Bedre HR for forskere: Charter & Code

Workshop II - Charter and Code

Recruitment and Selection

Main content


09:00-09:15Welcome and some practical information about the organisation of the workshop
09:15-09:30:Brief overview of C&C principles for the “Recruitment and Selection” topic. By Svein-Åge Eilertsen.
09:30-10:45:C&C rules on scientists’ rights, recruitment procedure and assessment of the suitability of scientists. Introductory speaker Professor Anne Marit Blokhus.
10:45-12:00:International recruitment and mobility in the job market for scientists. Introductory speaker Professor Daniel Chourrout.
13:00-14:15:C&C's requirements for non-discrimination and gender balance. Introductory speaker Adviser Mona Grindheim Matre.
14:15-15:00:Summary of Workshop II and the way forward

Present from the Working Group:

HR Director Sonja Irene Dyrkorn
MAT Head of Department Pinar Heggernes
SV Head of Department Liv Syltevik
Chief Physician Mette Vesterhus
Law Research Fellow Øyvind Røed
PSYK Associate Professor Gry Heggli
Law Professor Camilla Bernt