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HR Excellence in Research: Charter & Code

Workshop III - Charter and Code

Working Conditions and Social Security

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Agenda for the meeting

09:00-09:15Welcome and some practical information about the organisation of the workshop
09:15-09:30Brief overview of C&C principles for the “Working Conditions and Social Security” topic
09:30-10:45Career development - tools and framework. Introductory speaker Iuliana Hussein, NTNU
10:45-12:00C&C in a new position structure at universities  and university colleges. Introductory speaker Senior Adviser Svein Åge Eilertsen.
13:00-14:15«HR Excellence in Research through attractive working conditions. Introductory speaker HR Director Sonja Dyrkorn.

Summary of Workshop III and the way forward

Present from the Working Group:

HR Director Sonja Irene Dyrkorn
JUS professor Bert-Elen R. Konow
HF Deputy Director Susanne Ostendorf
MAT Advisor Friederike Hoffmann.
MED Post-doctoral fellow Anesa Mulabecirovic
SV PhD Eirik Andre Strømland
HF Post-doctoral fellow Pål Antonsen
SV Post-doctoral fellow Ingvild AAgedahl Skage
KMD Professor Ashley Booth