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Through their dedication to innovation, quality, rigor and transparency, Swedish company Olink Proteomics provides outstanding products and services for targeted human protein biomarker discovery. They help scientists get answers quickly and confidently through robust, multiplex biomarker analysis. Proseek® Multiplex immunoassay panels enable rapid, high-throughput analysis, with exceptional data quality and minimal sample consumption. Using just 1 µl of sample, up to 92 biomarkers can be assayed simultaneously. The Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology enables this high level of multiplexing, as this dual recognition, DNA-coupled method provides exceptional readout specificity. Disease area-focused panels have both validated and exploratory biomarkers, selected in collaboration with leading experts, and the rigorous assay validation data is freely available. Choosing either ready-to-use kits or the Proseek Multiplex Analysis Service, customers get high quality data and rapid high-throughput analysis that makes the most effective use of their precious samples.


Based on the pioneering research of Professor Ulf Landegren and his group at Uppsala University, Olink was originally founded in 2004. The company has a successful history of developing molecular technologies, many of which have been commercialized through out-licensing to industry leading partners such as Affymetrix, Life Technologies, and through the spin-out companies Qlinea and Halo Genomics (now part of Agilent). Following a company reorganization in April 2016, Olink Proteomics is focusing entirely on developing and expanding the Proseek platform, while Olink Bioscience is responsible for the development and commercialization of the remaining extensive and expanding, diverse Olink IP portfolio. Olink Proteomics has approximately 50 employees divided between the main office in Uppsala, Sweden, and the newly opened US office in Watertown, Massachusetts.