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Ultradian conference - Biological rhythms in health and disease

The Ultradian consortium warmly welcomes you to "Biological rhythms in health and disease" 28 - 29 August 2019, University Aula, University of Bergen

Man and rhythms

The Ultradian conference will be held in Bergen, Norway 28 - 29 August 2019. 

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Join this 2-day meeting to learn more about the importance of biological rhythms and hormones in normal conditions and diseases affecting the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis. Internationally renowed speakers and members of the H-2020 Ultradian consortium will present their findings in lectures and poster presentations. A practical demonstration of an ambulatory 24hour sampling system of biological fluids will be given


Programme Wednesday 28 August

12:15-13:00        Registration and light lunch

13:15-13:30        Welcome and address, Marte Mjøs Persen, Mayor of Bergen and Dag Rune Olsen, Rector UiB

13:30-13:45        Presentation of the Ultradian project and consortium. Eystein Husebye, UiB


1st session: Biological rhythms

13:45-14:30        Rhythms and endocrine regulation.  Professor Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol

14:30-15:00        Coffee

15:00-15:45        Interplay of central and peripheral clocks and rhythms. Professor Michael Hastings, University of Cambridge

15:45-16:30        Regulation of cortisol at the tissue level.  Professor Geoffrey Hammond, University of British Columbia.

16:30-17:15        The physiological importance of ultradian rhythmicity. Professor Ben Smarr, University of California, Berkley


Programme Thursday 29 August 

2nd session: Ultradian rhythmicity in health and endocrine disease

08:30-09:00        The microdialysate hormonome, accomplishment and snags. Dr. Paal Methlie, UiB and Dr. Niklas Nordberg, Olink Proteomics

09:00-09:20        24h sampling of hormones in healthy subjects.  Dr. Tomas Upton, University of Bristol

09:20-09:40        Mathematical modelling of endocrine systems.  Dr. Eder Zavala, University of Exceter

09:40-10:00        24h sampling of cortisol and metabolites in Cushing’s syndrome. Professor Stelios Tsagarakis, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens

10:00-10:30         Coffee

10:30-10:50         24h sampling of aldosterone and metabolites in primary aldosteronism.  Dr. Marianne Grytaas, UiB

10:50-11:10         Ultradian cortisol rhythmicity and the brain. Dr. Georgina Russel, University of Bristol

11:10-11:30         24h sampling of cortisol and metabolites in Addison’s disease.  Dr. Sophie Bensing, Karolinska Institutet

11:30-11:50         Ultradian pump treatment with cortisol in Addison’s disease. Dr. Marianne Øksnes, UiB

12:00-13:00         Lunch

13:00-13:20        Cortisol dynamics in hypo- and hyperparathyroidism.  Dr Marianne Astor, UiB

13:20- 13:40       Ultradian hormone dynamics in critically ill patients. Dr. Katerina Simunkova, UiB

13:40-14:00        HPA response of neonates to cardiac surgery Mr Daniel Fudulu, University of Bristol

3rd session: Multiplex Hormone Assay & Detection

14:00- 14:45       Multiplex biomarker assays in small sample volumes. Professor Ulf Landegren, Uppsala University

14:45-15:10          Coffee

4th session: Health economic and future use

15:10- 15:40       Ultradian health economics. Professor William Hollingworth and Dr. Alexandros Chrysos, University of Bristol

15:40-16:00        Ultradian marked analyses. Dr. Georgina Hazel, University of Bristol

16:00-17:00        Poster walks

Demonstration of U-rhythm, Dr. Robin Crossley and team, Designworks, Ltd, Windsor


Venue and Hotel 

Important dates

Registration deadline                                    1. Juli 2019

Poster submission deadline                          1. Juli 2019

Poster application: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=6768758 



The University Aula in Bergen

Museplassen 3

5007 Bergen





Scandic Byparken

Christiesgate 5-7

5808 Bergen

Scandic Byparken won the award for the county's best hotel breakfast in 2018! Its located in the middle of Bergen city, close to known sights such as Torgallmeninngen square, Grieghallen concert hall and the old wharf Bryggen. And its just 3 minutes walk to The Univeristy Aula.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant

The reception is open 24 hours.

Check in from 15:00

Check out until 12:00

For more information about Bergen, please klick here.


Social programme: 

Dinner Wedensday 28th of August

Fløien folkerestaurant

Fløyfjellet 2

5014 Bergen


Take the funicular to Mount Fløyen and see all of Bergen in just seven minutes. The trip starts from the city centre, just 150 metres from the Fish Market and Bryggen. From Mount Fløyen, approx. 320 metres above sea level, you can enjoy beautiful views, study the cityscape in detail and the fjords surrounding Bergen.


Dinner Thursday 29th of August


Sjøgaten 24

5035 Bergen


This unique venue is located in an old wooden warehouse on the harbour from the 18’th century, where you also can find a museum. Whole streets of warehouses was build on wooden foundations out in the sea, surrounded by canals. Now just a few of these warehouses that remain.


Practical information


Coffee and lunch is included in the registration fee and will be served daily at the conference venue.



Each participant will receive a name badge upon registration. For security reasons all participants are requested to wear their badge during all the meeting activities and social events.



Hotel reservations will be confirmed only when the congress organizer, Fjell og Fjord Konferanser, has received your payment. Fjell og Fjord Konferanser has the right to charge you for all nights reserved and guaranteed for on the registration form, also in case of no-show.

Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of payment. In order to receive confirmation of registration on e-mail, please indicate your e-mail address when you register.

It is your personal responsibility that all details such as address, booked events, number of tickets, hotel reservation, date of arrival and departure, etc. are in accordance to your wishes. We therefore strongly recommend that you read and check the letter of confirmation of registration carefully to avoid errors. In the event of any errors in the confirmation letter, please immediately, and in writing, contact henriette@fjellogfjord-konferanser.no


Terms of payment:

You are welcome to pay by VISA or MasterCard, after you click “Submit” you will be directed to “Dibs Payment Services”. All prices will be charged in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). If you should have any problems with your payment, please contact us.


Liability and insurance

Neither the organisers of Ultradian nor the Conference Secretariat will assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the conference. Participants are recommended to arrange for their own personal travel and health insurance.



Delegates with European citizenship do not normally need visas.

Please visit UDI Norwegian Directorate for Immigration for more information.



English. No simultaneous translation.


Airport and transport information

Local transportation to Bergen City Centre from the airport:

Bergen airport is situated 20 km south of Bergen City Centre and it takes approx. 30 min by car/bus or 45 min by Light Rail. You can pay your busticket or light rail ticket by creditcard.


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In Bergen city centre the Airport Coach stops right 150 meter from Hotel Scandic Byparken. 

Price one way – approx. NOK 105 (approx. 11 EUR)

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Bergen Taxi: 07000

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Note that most food stores however only accept debit cards.           



The weather in Bergen in August is normally pleasant, but bring an umbrella!

For information about the weather in Bergen in this period, please visit www.yr.no



Tips are not mandatory, however, you can give up to 10% dependent on your personal decision in taxis and restaurants.


Emergency services

Police – Dial 112

Ambulance – Dial 113

Fire Brigade – Dial 110


Key themes:

The physiology of biological rhythms and clocks

Rhythms and endocrine regulation

Disturbance of rhythms in endocrine disease

Methods to evalutate biological rhythms in humans


International speakers:

Stafford Lightman, Bristol

Michael Hastings, Cambridge

Geoffrey Hammond, Vancouver

Ben Smarr, Berkley

Ulf Landegren, Uppsala

Daniel Fudulu, Bristol


Scientific organizing committee:

Eystein Husebye, University of Bergen

Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol

Olle Kämpe, Karolinska institutet

Stelios Tsagarakis, Evaggelismos Hospital, Athens


Contact us: