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Ultradian conference - Biological rhythms in health and disease

The Ultradian consortium warmly welcomes you to "Biological rhythms in health and disease" 28 - 29 August 2019, University Aula, University of Bergen

Man and rhythms

The Ultradian conference will be held in Bergen, Norway 28 - 29 August 2019. 

More information, programme and sign up link will be posted here shortly.


Join this 2-day meeting to learn more about the importance of biological rhythms and hormones in normal conditions and diseases affecting the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis. Internationally renowed speakers and members of the H-2020 Ultradian consortium will present their findings in lectures and poster presentations. A practical demonstration of an ambulatory 24hour sampling system of biological fluids will be given


Key themes:

The physiology of biological rhythms and clocks

Rhythms and endocrine regulation

Disturbance of rhythms in endocrine disease

Methods to evalutate biological rhythms in humans


International speakers:

Stafford Lightman, Bristol

Michael Hastings, Cambridge

Geoffrey Hammond, Vancouver

Ben Smarr, Berkley

Ulf Landegren, Uppsala

Daniel Fudulu, Bristol


Scientific organizing committee:

Eystein Husebye, University of Bergen

Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol

Olle Kämpe, Karolinska institutet

Stelios Tsagarakis, Evaggelismos Hospital, Athens


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