University Pedagogy

University Pedagogy Course

UPED637 How to Design and Teach Blended Courses (day 2)

This course will explore ways to replace face-to-face course time with online activities using Mitt UiB.

This course is for instructors at UiB who would like to design and teach blended courses. A recent meta-analysis by the US Department of Education found that blended (or hybrid) courses produce significantly better student learning outcomes than traditional face-to-face or fully online courses. Blended courses are courses where a significant amount of the teaching and learning occurs online, often to the extent that some of the face-to-face time is reduced, replaced by online activities.

The course will take place on 3 Tuesdays and will focus chiefly on best practices for designing, developing, and teaching courses that have a significant amount of the instruction offered online. The course emphasizes the technical and pedagogical aspects of online instruction, as well as new pedagogical approaches for the classroom.

(this course will be in English)