The University Gardens
Themed displays

The Wild Rose Walk

Species roses are planted along the Wild Rose Walk

Rosa elegantula 'Persetosa' er en flott villrose
Rosa elegantula 'Persetosa' is a beautiful cultivar of a wild rose species
Terhi Pousi

There are more than 200 rose species in the world, all found in the Northern Hemisphere and with the greatest diversity in China.

Most flower early in the year (late May to early June), but some (e.g. the Carolinas) flower later. A few are perpetual, i.e. can repeat flower in the same season. The wild roses have wonderful hips with a great variety of colors and shapes in the autumn. The attractive part of the fruit is the receptacle which becomes fleshy, sweet tasting and colourful, and contains the true fruits (nutlets).

Along the Wild Rose Walk you will find:

  • Carolinae (North American species) (V1)
  • Gallicanae (French rose) (V2)
  • Caninae (European species) (V3)
  • Pimpinellifolae (Burnet Roses) (V4)
  • Cinnamomeae & Gymnocarpae (V5) (Rosa moyesii, R. rugosa etc.)
  • Synstylae (Rosa multiflora and other climber roses) (V6)
  • Chinenses (Rosa chinensis etc.) (V7)
  • Platyrhodon (Rosa roxburghii, Chestnut rose) (V8)