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Edible mushrooms checking during working hours

The mushroom season is underway in many places, and many will use their free time to harvest the field's crops. Although there are not that many mushrooms in the Arboretum yet, we have started mushroom control for those who may find mushrooms elsewhere.

renset sopp m/kniv
Neoboletus luridiformis, cep, chanterelle, sweetbread mushroom, yellow bearded milkcap, and olive wax cap.
Terhi Pousi

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Although there are good edible mushrooms in the forest, there are unfortunately plenty of poisonous mushrooms as well, so our mushroom experts invite you to mushroom control during working hours.

Call our experts and make an appointment for a fungus inspection at Milde (Mildevegen 240):

Terhi Pousi              tlf 416 49 302    terhi.pousi@uib.no
Reidun Myking        tlf 55 58 7252    reidun.myking@uib.no

To get the most out of the control, it is a good idea to pick mushrooms in open, airy baskets or paper bags. Feel free to use a mushroom knife with a brush when picking.

Those you recognise with confidence as edible mushrooms should be rough-cleaned in the forest so you do not have to take debris and unpallatable specimens home. The mushrooms you are unsure of should be kept as whole as possible and separated from the others (feel free to use paper bags or strawberry baskets).

Pick only young, fresh mushrooms. Old specimens are often damaged and stale, and not suitable as food. Rather leave them out in the woods where they can spread their spores.

We look forward to your visit, to see what you have found, and to help you check your harvest!

You can also get help to determine certain edible fungi via the app Digital soppkontroll (in Norwegian). 
The mushroom app is now open between:
17-19 on weekdays
12-18 on weekends 
The last day for using the app is 18th October 2020.