University Museum of Bergen

Natural History closed – Welcome to the Cultural History Collections

Due to building operations, the Natural History Collections will close on 1 November and will remain closed for several years. If you want to visit the University Museum, the yellow building housing the Cultural History Collections will be the place to go.

Due to rebuilding and renovation of the dignified building at Museplass 3, the Natural History Collections will be closed from 1 November. The exhibitions in the Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligsplass 10, will still be open. In connection with the building operations, work will also be carried out in parts of the Museum Garden, which from now on will be open to the public from 06.00 to 20.00.

Welcome to Haakon Sheteligsplass 10

The entire University Museum will thus not be closed. The Cultural History Collections will in the years ahead be the main venue for the Museum’s public outreach services. This applies both to the permanent and current cultural history collections, but also new, changing exhibitions with themes from both natural and cultural history will be offered. The Museum will also continue to offer a number of events, both new and old, to the public – which from now on will take place in Haakon Sheteligsplass 10 - for quite a while.

Goodbye and thank you – 27 October

On Sunday 27 October, an event marking the closure of the Natural History Collections will take place with a programme for people of all ages. Those who are interested can learn more about the plans for the new building, the restored aula, the new public outreach services, and - not least-  the new natural history exhibitions in the new, renovated Museplass 3. A few days later, on Thursday 31 October, the annual Halloween night will take place – in the Cultural History Collections.