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Gilda Seddighi

PhD Candidate

Social movements

Social media

Online ethnography

Iranian women's movement

Gender theories

Gender and development


Teaching experience: 

Spring 2012 KVIK 101: Introduction to Gender Research, Gender and Media

Spring 2013 KVIK 101: Introduction to Gender Research, Masculinities

Spring 2014 KVIK 101: Introduction to Gender Research, Feminist Postcolonial Theories and Masculinities


Teaching Assistent:

Spring 2013 KVIK 101: Introduction to Gender Research

Spring 2014 KVIK 101: Introduction to Gender Research


Journal articles
  • Seddighi, Gilda; Tafakori, Sara. 2016. Transnational mediation of state gendered violence: the case of Iran. Feminist Media Studies.
  • Tafakori, Sara; Seddighi, Gilda. 2016. Apocalypse and precarity: Iranian online humor and Trump’s victory. Media Diversified.
  • Seddighi, Gilda. 2014. Mothers' Affective networking and privileges in online space: The case of Iranian mothers of Park Laleh. Feminist Media Studies. 14: 523-527. doi: 10.1080/14680777.2014.909165
  • Seddighi, Gilda. 2009. I am Neda; Kjønn og Den grønne bevegelsen for krav om demokrati. Replikk.
Reports and theses
  • Seddighi, Gilda. 2017. Politicization of grievable lives on the Iranian Facebook pages. Case study of three Iranian Facebook pages. University of Bergen.
  • Seddighi, Gilda. 2009. The struggle for gender equality within an Iranian Islamic framework; the case of One Million Signatures Campaign. Universitet i Bergen, https://bora.uib.no/bitstream/handle/1956/3459/58435542.pdf?sequence=1. 116 pages.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

“Mothers’ Affective Networking and Privileges in Online Space: The Case of Iranian Mothers of Park Laleh” in Feminist Media Studies, 2014, Vol. 14, No. 3.

"Iran's women in the 2013 election" 11.06.2013 http://nowme.cmi.no/

“Blodgiverkampanje for jordskjelvofre vekker Irans sivilsamfunn” in VoxPublic; Magasin om Demokrati og Ytringsfrihet. 27.08.12


“From authoritarian elections to demands for change in VoxPublic; Magasin om Demokrati og Ytringsfrihet. 20.12.09


 “I am Neda; Kjønn og Den grønne bevegelsen for krav om demokrati in Replikk (2009) nr.28. s. 58-64.


“Hvorfor er presidentvalget så viktig?” in Bergens Tidende. 16.05.09


Master thesis:

The struggle for gender equality within an Iranian Islamic framework; the case of One Million Signatures Campaign.    




 2015 - present   Contribution to the works on the cluster "Text-centric approaches to audiences"   https://sites.google.com/site/audiencescedar/consortium-members


2014-present     Member of the project "Consortium on Emerging Direction in Audience Resaerch"  https://sites.google.com/site/audiencescedar/

2011- Present     PhD Candidate at centre for Women’s and Gender Research and Department of Information Science and Media Studies

2007-2009      Master of Philosophy in Gender and Development, University of Bergen                    

2004-2007      Bachelor in Gender studies with specialization in Sociology, University of Bergen


Exchange programs: 


Autumn 2012   Research stay at School of Oriental and African Studies. Centre for Gender Studies

2006             Exchange student at the University of Cape Town- South Africa 



 “Women’s online affective writings; contribution to deployment of political discourse” in Kjønnsforskning Nå, Nasjonal forskerskole i kjønnsforskning, Universitet i Stavanger. Session: diskurser om Kjønn. 5. november 2013

“Gender in the Online Public Sphere” in The Ida Blom Conference: Gendered Citizenship: History, Politics and Democracy, University of Bergen, Session: Gender and the Public Sphere. October 14, 2013

“Personal emotions and political subjectivities” in New Trends in Political Communication: ECREA and Department of Social and Political Science Milan, Session: New looks at Public and Political Communications. September 20, 2013

“Women’s affective writings and deployment of political discourses” in Italian Society of Political Science (SISP): University of Florence, Session: Gender and Media; September 13, 2013

Emotion and Communication in the theories of Bourdieu and Luhmann: The case of Facebook interactions. Digital Culture Research Group UiB. 06.06.1012 

Representations of Gender in Iranian online political activism: Kjønnsforskning NÅ, Universitet i Nordland, 04.10.2011

Gender and Iranian Myths in the online political activism. Phd-stafetten 2011

Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, University of Bergen 23.11.2011

Representations of masculinity and femininity in Iranian online political activism: the case of the Facebook page “We are all Haleh Sahabi”. Digital Culture Research Group UiB. 03.11.2011

Social Media: Overrated, underrated? National Varieties. International Conference the Arab Spring – and Beyond. Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. 17.10.2011

The representations of the Arab Spring in the media output of Iranian Democracy Movement. International Conference Covering the Arab Spring: Middle East in the Media –the Media in the Middle East. University of Copenhagen and International Media Support 1. 09. 2011

The struggle for gender equality within an Iranian Islamic framework at HEMIL centre (The Research Centre for Health Promotion), University of Bergen 03. 09.2010

Nationalism, Motherhood and Hegemonic Masculinity at Transnational/Global Feminism Conference, University of Bergen 26.04.2010

Presentation of the master thesis. Masterstafetten 2009, at Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, University of Bergen 01.04.09



Autumn 2012 - Autumn 2013: Offline and online ethnography of Iranian online political activities

June- September 2008: Ethnography of activities of the campaign "One Million Signatures Campaign" in Iran


Organizing of academic events:

Member of Organizing Committee: "Differentiated Citizenship: Governing Populations beyond Territorial State Borders" Graduate Course at Bergen Summer Research School 23.06.2014 – 03.07.2014.

Member of Organizing Committee: "Gendering the 'Arab Spring'" 31.05.2013. University of Bergen

Member of Organizing Committee:  Transnational/Global Feminism. Issues, Contestations, Challenges. An international and interdisciplinary seminar 25th – 26th May 2010 University of Bergen, Norway


Peer reviewer:

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy

Since June 2011


Coordinator: Gender PhD Group- SKOK 2012-2013

Representative for PhD candidates of Nasjonal forskerskole i kjønnsforskning, Spring 2014 - Spring 2015

Work Experience:


2011     Project coordinator at Empo (Multicultural Resource Centre)- Kirkens Bymisjon, Bergen. 

2010-2011     Project coordinator for the project “Living between two cultures” with focus on Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. Empo (Multicultural Resource Centre)- Kirkens Bymisjon, Bergen.

2010  Research Assistant,Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at UiB 


Voluntary work:


2009 -2011    EVA Project- Red Cross    

2009       Internship at Amnesty International Norway - Region Vest 

2008  - 2009   Athena Project – Mapping the needs of foreign women in prostitution,  Red Cross- Bergen








 Politicization of non-public lives

Case studies of the Iranian Facebook pages between 2011 and 2013This is a research on Iranian Facebook pages where the lost lives - martyrs - and lthe ives in danger - political prisoners - have been in the focus.  All cases are in direct connection to the aftermath of presidential ellection 2009. It is aimed to explore how user-generated contents on the lost lives and lives in danger on these Facebook pages are produced on the ground of symbolic violence of gender politics. The research takes Butler's concept of heteronormativity as the point of departure in order to question how non-public lives are politicized through user-generated contents on those Facebook pages.